About Us

Donas Company was founded in 1974, by Mr. Hassan Al-Hariri.


Our company is specialized in :

- The design and manufacture of silverware.

- Processing events

- Chocolates

- Manufacturing all kinds of plexie

- Catering equipment


Our project as a custom maid manufacturer and events has grown to become one of the first and proactive companies in the Gulf & Middle East, represented by a professional team.

We aim to always deliver our products to the highest expectation of our clients.

We have performed some spectacular Royal weddings all over the Middle East proving our deluxe vision & that we can make vision into reality.

Under Talal El Hariri guidance the organization is booming by setting the tapes  for weddings and events planning standards throughout the Arab world…


Donas evolved and now has five branches :


1- Hamra


3-Sin el fil


5-Industrail City.


The company exports its products to Europe and Gulf countries. It has  a special section for designs and decors  demand to meet the needs of customers, and it operates as a retailer and sellers.